All India NEP-2020 Syllabus for Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport (BPES) Honours Degree: Proposed Model


  • Samiran Mondal Indian Knowledge System Laboratory, Department of Physical Education & Sport Science Visva-Bharati (Central University), Santiniketan-731235, West Bengal, India



NEP-2020, UG BPES Certificate, UG BPES Diploma, UG BPES Degree, UG BPES Degree with Honours, UG BPES Degree Honours with Research


In 2016 31st May, the Secretary of the University Grants Commission sent a letter (D.O. No. F.5-1/2015(CPP-II) to all the university’s Vice-Chancellors to amend notification in the gazette dated 2nd May 2016 and mention the following new degrees have been specified: 1. Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport (BPES) and 2. Masters of Physical Education and Sport (MPES). In that letter, the UGC secretary requested all the universities to restructure their programs. Some universities took it seriously from that time and restructured their syllabus and nomenclature. After that Government of India started working on a new education policy. Then the government announced the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP-2020). On that, they offered four years of undergraduate courses for all subjects. Also, they mentioned that after completing first-year Sem-I and II, students would be awarded a UG certificate if they leave the courses. After completing two years, a student may earn a UG Diploma and, after three years, a UG degree. If the student completes a total of 4 years, they may get four years UG degree with honours, and with the dissertation option, the student will be offered honours with a research degree. NEP-2020 UG syllabus structure also mentioned that students must select major subjects and minor subjects, which will be reflected on their mark sheet.


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Mondal, S. (2023). All India NEP-2020 Syllabus for Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport (BPES) Honours Degree: Proposed Model. Indian Journal of YOGA Exercise & Sport Science and Physical Education, 8(1), 56–61.