Assessment of Adiposity And Proportional Weight of Coastal Area Adolescent Girls


  • Debasish Ray Professor & Head of the Department, Department of Physical Education, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya, Bhupatinagar, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, PIN – 721 425
  • Tanjura Khatun Assistant Teacher, Dr. S. R. K. Memorial School, 25 & 26 Ramkantopur, Kolkata 700104



Adiposity, O-Scale Adiposity, Proportional weight, Adiposity, O-Scale Adiposity, Proportional weight, Stanine Score of Adiposity


The purpose of this study was to estimate the actual adiposity of the adolescent girls by using anthropometric measurements. For this, four hundred (400) adolescent girls age ranging from 11 through 15 years from twenty (20) schools of Bhagwanpur – II Block of Purba Medinipur district, a coastal area of the south Bengal. To assess the O-Scale adiposity the skin fold measurements consist of triceps, sub-scapular, supra iliac, abdominal, thigh and calf sites according to ISAK International Standards for Anthropometric Assessment (2011) using the CESCORF Innovare-3 Skin fold Calliper. Collected skin fold thickness in mm was used to assess the %-Fat, total fat in kg and O-scale adiposity by using standard equations. Again the O-scale adiposity was converted into stanine scores from percentile norms. Analysing the collected date it was found that the OScale adiposity is increased according to age except at the age of 12 years as the subjects entered in to menarche resulting in routine blood loss.


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